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  1. crack of doom

    • a peal of thunder announcing the Day of Judgement
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    • 讀過MACBETH的可以幫一下嗎~~~~

      怎麼大家最近都在問馬克白的中譯 = =a anyways.. 這段看起來好像是女巫show macbeth未來那段... 你們怎會如此神似Banquo! 走開! 你們發亮的皇冠灼傷了我的眼睛~ 你們的頭髮~ 還有你那刺眼的金色眉毛. 一個個像是一個從Banquo的模子刻出來般. 醜惡無比的巫女呀...

    • 適合幼稚園大班的英文演講稿-贈20點

      ... plate, and drank out of her glass, and slept in... into a frog by a wicked witch and doomed to remain in that form until a princess... the drive the iron bands crack opened because Hans ...