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  1. crack up


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    • 1. 撞壞 The plane went out of control and cracked up. 飛機失控墜毀。
    • 2. 垮掉 If you do not rest you'll soon crack up. 要是你不休息,很快會垮下來的。
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    • 請問一句英文(營30)

      ...是動詞片語,為什麼不自己查一下? 正確答案是 crack up crack someone up 就是讓他笑翻了。 本題相關的...which] you told me) really _(A) cracks me up (你跟我說的)那個笑話實在讓我給笑翻了...

    • crack-a-lacking 的意思

      ...不是 crack-a-lacking 2009-09-07 21:01:38 補充: What's crack-a-lackin'? = What's up? = What's going on? = What's happening? 2009...

    • 煩人的英文加分題-復活節腦筋急轉彎

      ...shouldn't you tell an Easter egg a joke? A: because it might "crack up". Q5:Why is the bunny the luckiest animal in the...