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  1. cracker night

    • n.
      a public celebration involving a firework display
    • noun: cracker night, plural noun: cracker nights

    • 釋義


    • 1. Australian a public celebration involving a firework display tighter restrictions on fireworks have almost wiped out the traditional cracker night
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    • 幫忙翻譯ㄧ下,拜託了~

      ... older sister and other cousions during the vacation. We play crackers during the daytime and fireworks at night. The night sky is so beautiful, perhaps it is because we are...

    • 英文演講(急..20點)

      ... a new day. We can see dragon dance or fire cracker as we always celebrate a new day. Sometime we can experience...likely dont let your clothes dry in the sun at night. Or you can't say ghost at night. I love ...

    • 急~要如何向外國人介紹台灣小吃?(中翻英)

      ... there are many more that you can find in the night which is very original or has been recently...coffin, stinky tofu oily bean curd spicy hot bean curd tempura, prawn cracker, shrimp balls spring rolls chicken rolls...