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  1. crash

    • IPA[kræʃ]



    • vi.
      鏘鏘作響; 發出轟鳴聲;嘩啦一聲倒下; 嘩啦一聲破碎; 使某人崩潰
    • vt.
      使…墜毀; 使…碰撞;使…發出嘎吱聲
    • n.
      碰撞聲;碰撞; 失事
    • adv.
    • 過去式:crashed 過去分詞:crashed 現在分詞:crashing

    • 名詞複數:crashes

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 鏘鏘作響; 發出轟鳴聲
    • 2. 嘩啦一聲倒下; 嘩啦一聲破碎; 使某人崩潰 to come crashing down on or upon sb. 嘩啦一聲砸到某人
    • 3. 碰撞; 墜毀 to crash into sth. 撞到某物上 to crash into each other 相撞
    • 4. 聲響很大地猛衝 to crash into a room 動靜很大地闖進房間
    • 5. 暴跌; 倒閉
    • 6. 死機


    • 1. 使…墜毀; 使…碰撞
    • 2. 使…發出嘎吱聲
    • 3. 擅自闖入


    • 1. 碰撞聲 the crash of thunder 霹靂聲
    • 2. 碰撞; 失事 a car/train crash 汽車/火車撞車事故 a plane crash 飛機失事
    • 3. 暴跌; 倒閉
    • 4. 崩潰


    • 1. 嘩啦一聲 crash went the bolt 霹靂炸響了 crash, bang, wallop 劈里啪啦一陣巨響


    1. (of a vehicle) collide violently with an obstacle or another vehicle

    2. cause (a vehicle) to collide violently with something

    3. move or cause to move with force, speed, and sudden loud noise

    4. make a sudden loud noise

    5. (of shares, a business, etc.) suddenly drop in value or fail

    6. (of a computer, computing system, or software) fail suddenly

    7. enter (a party) without an invitation; gatecrash

    8. a violent collision, typically of one vehicle with another or with an object

    9. a sudden loud noise as of something breaking or hitting another object

    10. the sudden failure of a business