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    • 請問這些英文慣用語的意思(20點)

      1.騙局,把戲(過時的英式用法) 2.四肢著地 3.一口氣 4.feather in one’s cap值得…自豪的成就 5.面不改色,泰然自若 6.保持中立,持觀望態度 7.全力以赴 8.居於次位,當(某人的)副手

    • 中翻英聖誕節文章

      ... the poor household most in all one's life. Among fall into in a stockings on the wall. 2006-12-22 16:05:05 補充... Day, he will crawl into the room from the chimney silently, 2006...

    • 我要問關於water cycle的問題

      ... the first fish crawled out of the ocean onto the land... feeding on plants, your... more than three-fourths of the Earth's surface...'s water (about 66% of all fresh water) is in solid...