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  1. credit crunch


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    • 1. 信用緊縮

      Credit crunch prevents the potential state-run enterprise buyers from getting loans from the banks. 信用緊縮使可能的國營企業買主無法向銀行貸款。

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    • 商用英文專有名詞翻譯

      ...比較常見的有 ABS-Asset based Security 2. credit crunch 信用緊縮 3. defaults in the subprime market 次級貸款逾期拖欠 subprime...

    • 句中的英文文法問題?

      ...這個研究發現英國比十二年前不滿足 如果前面主詞是人 就要用被動)with the credit crunch affecting consumers regardless of their wealth and age.(附和...

    • 請告訴我此英文內容~謝謝(有看沒有懂)

      ...上太多花費了一點。 So what’s new with you ? has the ‘credit crunch’ been affecting your work lately? 你有什么新消息嗎...