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    • 英文言講稿~

      ...people who are alive over [those of] the unconceived.”Personally, I cringe at the cultural stasis of a world without a steady infusion of young people. (I believe...

    • 請各位先進幫我看一下,我的英文履歷是否有不通順的地方!!!

      在修改之前,想請問你,你是要丟到台灣的外商還是在美國的公司?建議你去網上搜尋 resume sample,你會看到很多不錯的範例。 小小的先幫你修正一些東西, (1) General Information 不要說basic information,不能照字面翻,basic 有一點簡陋的感覺。用General...

    • 翻譯~急件 Broken Wing

      ...: "We have a total spectrum represented today, from the student body president to T. J. Ware, the boy with the ...