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    • 加拿大學校藝術課程,翻譯?

      ..., Public Relations/Media 商學,健康指導,教練訓練,教學訓練,公眾關係/傳媒訓練 Diplomas 學位證書 Public ...

    • 請教英文高手二段原文翻譯20點

      .... 另外, 更尖端的方法學現在用在人種學 (這可不是 LMT 的最初專業訓練) By seeing such methods used to improve practice, ...

    • grill and drill的意思

      ...drill curriculum” that substitutes learning by rote and teaching to the test for the transmission of critical thinking from teacher to pupil. Grammar Instruction: Does Grill and Drill...