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  1. cross one's fingers

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    • 1. 禱告;祈求 There is nothing you can do other than crossing your fingers. 你除了祈求上蒼之外,什麼事也做不了。
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    • 請問「cross your finger」是什麼意思?

      cross one's fingers,得要有兩隻手指才能交叉起來喔西方習俗,由來是把...fingers that I get the job. Keep your fingers crossed that the hurricane goes out to sea. 但是反過來說...

    • ☆Keep your fingers crossed

      ... to keep (one'sfingers crossed: to hope something good will happen (祝福某人好運或一切順利。把食指與中指交叉...

    • 解惑~請教英文高手

      Let's keep our fingers crossed 就是互相跟對方說祝你好運 男生對女生好像沒有別的意思 就純粹只是說一...