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  1. cross one's mind

    • ph.
      (指想法等)出現, 掠過
    • 釋義


    • 1. (指想法等)出現, 掠過 It never crossed my mind that she might lose. 我從未想到她會失敗。
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    • 有關英文諺語的解釋^^

      ... 注意言行(P是please, Q是thank you) one's Is and cross one's Ts 盡力而為 類似 do your best 4.mind like a sieve 記性不好(腦袋像竹籃子一樣) 6.on the sidelines 袖手旁觀...

    • 請幫我修改此篇英文作文~Teenage Suicide(2)

      ...phase have not yet developed a mature and sanely mind yet. Once they are in a deeper...another sweetheart. Under this circumstance, the love-crossed ones often sink into heartbreak and extreme depression...

    • 國中英文一些重要的片語

      ...23. catch cold = become ill with a cold 感冒 24.change one's mind = alter one's decision or plan 改變心義 25.come true = become true 實現;成真 26.come up against something = opposition 反對 27.cross something out = cancel 刪去 28. cut something off = stop something...