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  1. cross protection


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    • 誰能幫我翻譯機電相關英文(外文)翻成中文

      Protection conductor 保護導體(用於保護作用的導電體)Conduttori di protezione是同義的另一種語言 Sezione - S Cross-section 橫斷面大小 S Sezione equivalente in rame 橫斷面大小(相等於...

    • 急<英文報告>高手來-cross fingers (20點)

      ... path, you could make a cross shortcut by crossing your index and second finger or the...of both hands. This would provide protection and ward off the evil influence. Just like...

    • 簡單的英文文法問!

      ...條件通過). Approval was denied for fear that the new line would cross a sensitive water source protection area in BeiShan as well as needing to transect the same dangerous tectonic...