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    cross country runner
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    • 幫Panda 翻譯 - 中翻英 (Part 1) 極短

      ...thousand runners gathered in Bitan to get a taste of the new2013 cross country course. The youngest runner ever to win the 100k event in the history of this race, Yan-ChingChiang...

    • 幫Panda 翻譯 - 中翻英 (Part 4) 極短

      ...and wild field . This completely new path absolutely challenged all the runners. With this cross-country path up to 20 kilometers, it severely test the response丶physical power and endurance...

    • 幫Panda 翻譯 - 中翻英 (Part 2) 極短

      ...戶外越野樂趣。 The one and only female ultra-marathon runner to win the Yukon Arctic Ultra...than thirty bravesouls to challenge the ultimate 100km cross country road race, exploring thegreat fun of cross country...