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  1. crowd out


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    • 1. 擠出 The article came too late and was crowded out of yesterday's edition. 那篇文章交得太晚,未被刊登在昨天的報上。
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    • sell-out crowds是什麼意思?

      ... event for which all the tickets are sold. 所以sell-out crowds 是指滿場的觀眾 原句為 雖然宣傳做得很差 樂團繼續對著滿場的觀眾表演...

    • 關於經濟學的專有名詞一問

      crowding-out effect:名詞意思為排擠效果,是指當政府支出 增加時會使民間支出產生減少...

    • 我小學時備受排擠←英文怎麼說?

      ...在本句的意思不是身體上的推擠, 所以不宜用push outcrowd out之類的片語. 排擠: edge out, 也就是"邊緣化"的... by the previous management was soon edged out by the new boss. e.g. Foreign car manufacturers...