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    • 麻煩幫翻譯一下英文報告2

      ...微笑"非常感謝大家"他說 The others were crowding round Dave, congratulating him on how he had ...

    • God Bless the Child麻煩各位大大幫我翻譯

      上帝保祐孩子 他們將得到他們不是將丟失因此聖經說和它仍然是新聞Mama 也許有, Papa 也許有但上帝保祐有他自己有他自己的孩子 是, 強得到更多當微弱部分褪色空的口袋曾經不成功Mama 也許有, Papa 也許有僅上帝保祐有他自己有他自己的孩子 金錢...

    • 有點深度的翻譯~~

      ... the back is rolled round and round. The volume is planted, usually ... of depth of the obstacle district, is crowded at the genital season, and there is an act of ...