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  1. crude oil

    • ph.
      原油,石油(亦作crude pertroleum)
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    • ph.
      原油,石油(亦作crude pertroleum)
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    • light tight oil

      Usually, we see "light crude oil" and "heavy crude oil". The difference between them is...light crude oil. Now, you know what "light" means. "tight oil" is often used to refer to rock formations that do contain...

    • 請問這五句關於經濟的英文翻譯內容!20點

      Crude oil production in the Gulf of Mexico is still paralized even of 16th of September, a huge 229 rise. At the same time, price of crude oil plummeted from US $70.8 a barrel to US $63 a barrel, a sharp...

    • 幫我翻譯”當初是從煤礦或原油裡提煉油......

      The oil gas was first abstract from the crude oil or coil mine. This factory was shutdown due to the consequence of...