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  1. crudest

    • crude的形容詞最高級
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    • 急~~英文-什麼是Crude marriage rate?

      粗結婚率Crude Marriage Rate係指某一特定期間之結婚對數對同一期間之期中總人口數的比率。

    • 請問這五句關於經濟的英文翻譯內容!20點

      Crude oil production in the Gulf of Mexico is still paralized even of 16th of September, a huge 229 rise. At the same time, price of crude oil plummeted from US $70.8 a barrel to US $63 a barrel, a...

    • light tight oil

      Usually, we see "light crude oil" and "heavy crude oil". The difference between them ...light crude oil Mexico: density between 835 and 893 kg/m^3 is light crude oil. Now, you know what "light" means. "tight oil"...