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  1. crumb

    • IPA[krʌm]


    • n.
      a small fragment of bread, cake, or biscuit;the soft inner part of a loaf of bread
    • v.
      cover (food) with breadcrumbs
    • noun: crumb, plural noun: crumbs

    • 釋義


    • 1. a small fragment of bread, cake, or biscuit she brushed some cake crumbs off her dress a crispy crumb topping
    • the soft inner part of a loaf of bread a morsel of crumb will often tempt a chub
    • 2. a very small amount of something the Budget provided few crumbs of comfort
    • an unfair and inadequate share of something large a multi-billion dollar franchise and the family of the creator doesn't even get crumbs from the table endless scrabbling for crumbs from the public spending table is undermining morale
    • 3. North American informal an objectionable or contemptible person he's an absolute crumb
    • 4. granulated rubber, usually made from recycled car tyres.


    • 1. cover (food) with breadcrumbs while the sweet potato is cooking, crumb the fish
  2. 知識+

    • ”settle for crumbs”是什麼意思?

      settle for crumbs 字面意義是: 滿足於一些小屑渣子、殘羹剩飯 安於次等的現況 (其實有更好的選擇卻不積極取得) (與妥協議意仍有出入) 2009-10-15 17:03:04 補充: 沒魚蝦也好!? 退而求其次~

    • 幫我造英文句子~~~今天下午4:30之前造好!!~急~~~

      ... you help me fold the bicycle? 你可以幫我摺疊腳踏車嗎? crumbs:哎呀;天阿 Crumbs!You cast away all my books...

    • 我想問英文文法

      之前看到一段句子,The pigeons pecked at the bread crumbs the old man scattered on the ground. 請問這段是用怎樣的語法...