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  1. crush into

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    • 1. 使某人/某物擠入或擠過 You can't crush twenty people into such a tiny room. 不能讓二十個人擠進這樣一個狹小的房間裡。 The postman tried to crush the packet into the letter-box. 郵遞員使勁把郵件塞進信箱裡。
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    • 英文單字3個~20點

      1)mash-mashed-mashed(三態變化) mash(vt)把...搗成糊狀 beat ot crush sth into a mash EX.Mash the potatoes with a fork. 用叉把馬鈴薯...

    • (中翻英)酸雨的問題 (不要用軟體好嗎?) (超急)

      ... and on the statue, limestone and marble in contact with the acid will be crushed into a material, known as gypsum. 酸雨會影響農作物稻子的葉子,同時土壤中...

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      ... look at me Your memories turn into dust There's only one explanation I wasn'...愛過你, 我從來都沒有愛過你 It was just a crush It was just a crush Sparks fly when we...