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    • 英文菜單一句翻中文: Beef tenderloin...

      ... tenderloin with a savory Boursin cheese and bacon crust, Tuscan harvest potato wedges *(and) glazed..._Cheese_w_Crackers.jpg bacon crust – “培根碎片” 是將培根烤火炸的酥脆後軋碎成小片...

    • 英文翻中文(請高手入內)

      ... circulates through water, the earth's crust, and living organisms in the phosphorus cycle... to the water, carbon, and nitrogen cycles. 中文: 磷通過水的循環,地殼和活的生物體中的磷循環,解除...

    • 有關電影(2012) - 中文翻譯英文

      ... into the ocean due to the drastic changes in the Earth's crust, and try to go to China by the Ark to survive the crisis.