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  1. cry one's heart out

    • ph.
      痛哭, 大哭
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    痛哭, 大哭

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    • play favorites有四句請幫忙翻譯 謝謝

      back seat driver.....喜歡指揮別人做事的人 (頤指氣使的人) cry one's heart out 哭得柔腸寸斷 jostle and elbow one's way 努力地殺出重圍 play favorite on somebody....對某人偏心

    • 作文慣用語,文法檢查....

      ..., psychologists HAVE constantly emphasizING that crying is one of the best wayS to release our PRESSURE...

    • slip out歌詞翻譯~感激

      ... torn broken, aching heart of these long days. 想起這些長久日子以來被..., breaking, aching, crying, making sure to me. 回想 打破 疼痛...