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  1. cry someone or something down

    • disparage or belittle someone or something
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    • Matchbox 20 - Hand Me Down歌詞翻譯

      ...rdquo;字 They'll 是將來式 他們將會/想 You wanted someone else to say 是 你想其他人說的話 我想你寫的 最想聽的話也是一樣的意思...

    • 請幫忙翻譯.謝謝

      ... you is crying. 你是哭著出生的 而你...those people Who mean something to you (I JUST... life in one way or another; 給那些曾經以某...when you are really down; 給那些當你非常低落的...

    • 國中英文一些重要的片語

      ...sometimes 有時;偶爾 13.break down = fail to function or operate 故障;拋錨 14. break...suddenly 突然發生 15.bring something in = produce something 獲利 16. bring someone up = rear someone 撫養某人...incidentally 順便說 out = cry out 大聲喊叫求救