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  1. Cryptomeria

    • KK[͵krɪptəˋmɪrɪə]
    • DJ[͵kriptəˋmiriə]


    • n.
  2. 知識+

    • 日本杉木介紹

      スギ(杉、Cryptomeria japonica)は、ヒノキ科(スギ科 Taxodiaceae とすることもある...

    • 請幫幫忙.口語話英會

      ... lake pavement . Setting sun pavement . There are cryptomeria pavements . 7.I give you a guide to pursue . You can try ...

    • 關於阿里山 請幫我翻成英文:D

      ...view transforms the temperate warm zone the camphor wood, Nan-mao and the cryptomeria forest. Upward, has been possible to see the Chinese...