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  1. cucumber tree


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    • 蕃茄中翻英 急 !!

      ... be total with cucumber eating because cucumbers contain a vitamin c decomposition enzymes may damage other...the nutrition results. 2. another called "tree tomato" in Indonesia, planted in the...

    • 下列要如何英翻英阿???

      ...just by asking, you're barking up the wrong tree. Beat around the bush 避重就輕,不切入重點 ... cut from the same cloth 非常相似 Be cool as a cucumber 極度冷靜 Ex: Even during the elections...

    • 各位大大~急!麻煩把以下菜單翻成中文,20點奉上

      ...bamboo shoot 油菜→Rape 黃瓜貢丸片湯→The soup of the cucumber Gong pill slice 銀耳紅棗湯→The soup of the white tree fungus red date 蔥油雞→Spring onion oil chicken 南乳豬排→...