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  1. cultured pearl

    • n.
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    • 甚麼是culture region(20)

      ... a man of culture. 他是一個有修養的人。 栽培;養殖[U] The culture of pearls is the mainstay of this county. 珍珠養殖是該縣的主要經濟支柱。 (微生物等...

    • 非常難的英文句子翻譯 有請高手!!! 謝謝

      1.The cultured pearl is artificially cultivated 養殖的珍珠是人工培養的2.He...

    • [英文]英文翻譯~~急~~20點~~

      ...integral economy and community.  The development of art and culture is especially rich.  The traditional Hawaiian...the well-known Wikiki beach, diamond mountain, pearl harbor, aquarium, zoo, children’s museum, and water world...