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  1. currying

    • curry的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
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    • 請問哪位懂英文的神手可以幫我翻譯菜單??20點奉上喔!!

      Pork Curry Cutlet with curry sauce and steamed rice Korean kimchi pot...pot Shrimp and clam sauce with steamed rice pot material Beef curry Curry beef with sauce and steamed rice miso hot pot Japanese...

    • 急幫翻譯食譜中翻英不要翻譯機馬上要用20點

      Curry Fried Rice Ingredients to prepare: 1 egg 2, a bowl of rice...little pork wire 5, a little oil 6,100 milli-liters of water 7,5 tablespoon curry powder 8,3 tablespoon monosodium glutamate 9,1 tablespoon salt 10, 1 tablespoon pepper 11...

    • 英文文法一題

      The hot curry has masked the taste of the meat which is no longer what...現在簡單式」is是現在的狀況 「過去簡單式」was是過去的狀況 The hot curry masked the taste of the meat which was no longer what it should...