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    • 請問這首英文歌的歌詞

      ...39;s easy to do just follow these steps 很簡單 只要跟著這三個步驟 1: Cut a hole in a box 1.在盒子上開個洞 2: Put your junk in that box 2.把你...

    • 創意大發現~泡泡炸彈的翻譯~

      ... brilliantly. 接著是鑄型 切兩半的乒乓球是你最好的選擇 To cut the ping pong ball in half - rest it in some modelling clay and make a hole in it with a sharp pencil. 將乒乓球切兩半的方式- 先把乒乓球放在模型土...

    • 誰英文好願意幫我翻譯這個短片(20)

      ...just a darn minute, Cletus, What? How did you get in here? Well, duh....I cut a hole right here the other day!! 這些字都很簡單,查一下字典,若有問題再補發問,因為...