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  1. cut and run

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    • 請問”cut and run”的意思

      ... not going to have any so-called quick exit, there will be no cutting and running in Iraq. 短語cut and run近來常常出現在各大媒體對伊拉克混亂局面的報導...

    • cut and dried

      ...形容词。Dry就是一个例子。Dry run里的dry是一个形容词,但是cut and dried里的dried 是从动词to dry... in the past. That'll sound all cut and dried and possibly spoil the atmosphere of the...

    • 請問英文片語是什麼意思?及相似字

      ...放棄; 逃避 cover ground: 旅行: 涉及 cut and dried: 預先安排好的 cut corners: 走捷徑; 抄近路 cut short: 剪短...up: 夢想 drop off: 下降; 減少; 掉了~東西 dry run: 排練; 模擬演習 drop (someone) a line : 寫信給某人...