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  1. cut both ways

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    • 兩句英文的說法 請協助

      ... to be "wants," both sentences are grammatically correct. However, the way vocabularies are ... company wants to have pay cuts on your salary. If you...

    • 全名英檢的英文句子

      ... if you use the right way. 3.Would you like to go hinking...4.John used aknife to cut the paper. (應該是 a kinfe @@分開...句的faild少一個e,failed) Both-------------------------------. A: Both...

    • 急~誰可以幫我解答這幾題英文問題

      ... if you use the right way. 3. How about go hiking this weekend? 4. John cut the paper with a knife. 5. I...behavior. ------------------------------------ 1. Both Peter and Mary ...