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  1. cut down


    • ph.
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    • ph.
    • 1. 削減

      He tried to cut down on smoking but failed. 他試圖少抽菸, 但沒成功。

    • 2. 縮短

      Cut down the article so as to make it fit the space available on the paper. 把文章縮短一些, 這樣就能排進報紙有限的版面中。

    • ph. (自基礎部分)砍倒

    • cut down a tree 砍倒一棵樹

    • ph. (用刀劍等銳利武器)殺死或殺傷某人

    • He was cut down by pneumonia at an early age. 他年紀輕輕的就被肺炎奪去了生命。

    • ph. 削減

    • I shall cut his allowance down on ten dollars a week. 我要把他的津貼減為每星期十元。

      The doctor told him to cut down his consumption of fat. 醫生建議他減少脂肪的攝取量。

    • ph. 說服某人降低價格

    • He was asking 400 pounds for the car, but we cut him down to 350 pounds. 這輛汽車他要價400英鎊, 但是我們把價殺到350英鎊。

    • ph. 把...減小到一定的大小(或多少)

    • cut the players of a team down to fighting size 把球隊隊員人數減少到實戰需要

    • ph. 降低……的威望

    • Your boss isn't just trying to cut you down to size, but actually to get rid of you. 你的老板不僅僅是想要降低你的威信,實際上是要把你攆走。

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    • ph.
    • He tried to cut down on smoking but failed. 他試圖少抽菸,但沒成功。
    • vt.
      砍倒; 割
    • vi.
    • to cut down on sth. 減少某物
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