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  1. cut in on

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. (指車輛或司機)超車搶道 The lorry overtook me and then cut in on me. 那輛卡車超越我的車後, 突然插入我前方的位置。
    • 2. 打斷(或打攪)某人/某物 She kept cutting in on our conversation. 我們談話時她老是插嘴。
  2. 知識+

    • cut on the radio 是什麼意思

      "cut on" in "cut on the television" or "cut on the radio" means... hungry and was about to fix a sandwich, and my friend cut on the T.V., and there it was. I was about...

    • 請問 inscription translator甚麼意思?

      ...inscription translator是甚麼意思? A;inscription: words written on sth, cut in stone(eg on a monment) or stamped on a coin or medal 即書寫於某物如紀念碑...

    • 求 英文片語造句(照解釋的意思) your life,you'd better cut cigarettes out. 假如你想活命...相親裝扮 drop by短暫的造訪(drop round.pop in.drop in) 1.I'll drop by and see you on my way home. 我會在我回家的途中...