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  1. cut it out

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    • 1. 停止(別說下去) The teacher asked Jim to cut it out. 老師叫吉姆別說下去了。



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    • 請問cutcut out的不同

      ...是片語 經常用於(馬達或機械的)突然熄火或停止運轉 如: If an engine cuts out, it suddenly stops working. 也可以用於讓某人或某事停止 比如祈使句...

    • 求 英文片語造句(照解釋的意思)

      cut out 停止 1.That's enough fighting ,cut it out.吵夠了吧,停止! 2.Cut out the dramatics! You're not fooling...

    • 論文摘要英文文法修改

      ...symmetry, we take advantage of the characteristic of symmetry in shape and stripe of a butterfly to cut its image out of a picture’s background with the image-processing technique, in the ...