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  1. cut off a corner

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    • 1. 不繞角兒走而取捷徑斜穿 The lawn is damaged here because people cut off the corner. 由於人們不繞角兒走而抄近道, 這裡的草坪已踩壞了。
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      ...: 預先安排好的 cut corners: 走捷徑; 抄近路 cut short: 剪短 depend on: 端視...能做某事 dream up: 夢想 drop off: 下降; 減少; 掉了~東西 dry run: 排練; 模擬演習 drop (someone) a line : 寫信給某人 希望你授...

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      ...蠟燭兩頭燒 21. tongue-tied張口結舌 22. It's a red letter day.大喜日子 23. Don't cut corners.別抄捷徑 24. I take my hat off to you.我敬佩你 25. Don't bad mouth me.不要說我...

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