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  1. cut sth. out

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 切成(或剪成、砍出、開闢)某事物 cut out a path through the jungle 在叢林中開闢出一條小路 He's cut out a niche for himself in politics. 他已躋身於政界。
    • 2. 裁剪(衣服) cut out a dress 裁剪一件連衣裙
    • 3. 【口】(尤用於祈使句)不再做(惱人的事); 不再說(惱人的話) I'm sick of you two squabbling -- just cut it out! 你們兩個吵來吵去真煩人--快打住吧!
    • 4. 【口】去掉或省略某事物 You can cut out the unimportant details. 你可以刪掉不重要的細節。
    • 5. 【口】停止做某事; 停止使用或消耗某物 cut out sweets in order to lose weight 為了減輕體重而戒食糖果
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      ...補充: 二樓 Karen 形容的『緊咬』也很適當。通常 Hold [sb] to [sth] 也有『如果 [他] 不履行 [承諾] ,就要承擔後果』的意思。很高興看到能有...

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      ...bone in her leg. (骨頭斷裂)- to break the outside part of Sth, such as an egg or nut. 敲碎 (蛋、核果)外殼 The foxes crack the eggs, and suck out the yolk. (敲裂蛋) (n.) 裂痕There were several...

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      ...and around才有不停轉圈圈的感覺 stretch out to infinity 延伸到無限) If it’s a circle, should we cut it off or spin ourselves into 指切開(斷) ; spin Sb into Sth 指 某人旋轉進入某物,會比 “依附...