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  1. cut-off

    • n.
      界限;斷開器; 截止閥
    • 釋義


    • 1. 界限 the cut-off for applications 申請的截止日期 cut-off level 限定水平
    • 2. 斷開器; 截止閥 a cut-off device 斷開裝置
  2. 知識+

    • cut you off的中文解釋?

      cut you off 的解釋有很多個,要看前後文才能確定,舉幾個例子 供您參考: 表示"...碎屍萬段. 希望有幫助 2012-01-02 11:26:47 補充: 再補一個: To cut off someone: 開車的時候突然開到別人的車子前面擋住別人的去路也較cut off...

    • cut-off membrane

      ...蛋白質 ). kDa = Atomic mass unit (微粒質量單位) '10kDa cut-off' refer to the size of the substance it is seperating... So anything...

    • 想問cut-off point

      cut-off point of age is 29 y/o 以29歲為臨界點來作區分 Example: The cut-off point is 29 y/o. Those more than or equal to 29 y/o are...