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    • friend與pal的差別及用法,及單字的整理

      網友是internet pal= cyber friend=internet friend "friend" is more formal. " pal" is more vernacular... you can try to learn few new vocablary a day...and you can take a note and keep practice...and u will be good one day...

    • Egoistic,Egotistic,Egocentric?

      The previous cyber friend is right. Egotistic is like egocentric. Egoistic...

    • ”網友結構”的英文翻譯

      這句是我用英文辭典翻譯ㄉ Friend's structure of the net. ㄋ看看是不是ㄋ要ㄉ structure 名詞 : 1.結構 ; 構造 ; 組織 2.結構物 ; 建築物 3.建造法 及物動詞 : 構造 ; 組織 ; 建造 ; 建築