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    • vt.
    • 1. 輕拭

      to dab at one's eyes (with sth.) (用某物)輕輕擦眼睛

    • ph. .....的高手

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    • ph.

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    • 幫我解釋這句英文 you must be a dab at

      你一定是個生活專家... 就是指那個人很懂的享受生活吧 a dab at ____,可以說是在某個領域或東西的高手、專家 例句: I am a dab at swimming. -> 我是游泳高手

    • ELLE的壹段文字 請告知我大意就可以

      ...過重的問題而消極 Marc Jacob 是一位服裝設計師 retro pouf in a dab’s off-white 基本上,這句是形容一件禮服,這禮服的特色是淺白,又帶...

    • 請幫我翻譯這一句短文,中翻英

      ...hang missing by the window, in front of the gentle breeze at night passes my window, the city that shuttles... of the roadside, cross the pitch-black mountain forest and dab the paddy field of peasant family, silent, come you, you that ...