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    • 爹爹,爸爸,父親
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    • call your daddy in the bronx

      應該是美國歌手Daddy Yankee的廣告詞 bronx是..., October 24, 2006 Daddy Yankee Artist...球迷會反叫"call your daddy"代表了1.今晚我們會贏球場...

    • what is” Daddy Mac”

      1.Daddy Mac 圖片參考: 4 up, 2 down 圖片..." must have killed about 50000 of my braincells.2.Daddy Mac1) Usually a playful reference to the king of those who have ...

    • Daddy's in the dining room對嗎?

      基本上在美國 你會常聽到類似 Daddy's in the dinning room 這樣的說法 重點是當語言是你的第一母語...