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    • a composition-cure

      ... WHAT YOU EXPECT. Daily diet – What you eat is really what...the PREVENTION of cancer. Can the OCCURRENCE OF CANCER be diminished by...

    • 請幫我翻譯以下有關租車保險的英文

      附加的責任保險將額外是每天一附加12.99 美元。 ("SLI")︰ 可提供的話,和對一項附加每日的費用來說,一個承租人在租賃時可能購買SLI。 如果接受, SLI提供司機批准的或者任何程度另外的那些承租人在那些協議租賃內列舉的(除了那些renter s 和另外一點...

    • 【急件】中翻英 和 英翻中 ”網路的起源”3/23下午2點前

      ... never like before. These personal computer’s occurrence, made some non-scientific and engineers enjoy... bring great conveniences to human’s daily lives. Many computer users ...