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  1. dam up


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    • 1. 在……中築堤壩 The river was dammed up last year. 這條河在去年築的壩。
    • 2. 控制 She tried to dam up her feelings. 她盡力控制自己的感情。
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      ...from two sides. it is so beautiful. the rocks piled up at the downstream becomes the most attractive sightseeing. the shigong dam still maintains the original natural view.the forest stetches over...

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      ...heavy boat being moved up and down while going through the...of the Three Gorges Dam. 請分析being是如何來的? 可否... boat is moving up and down. In that case, the sentence...

    • 幫我翻成英文~謝謝ㄜ

      ... the admission ticket, we pass through that long bridge, distant saw the dam, afterwards we climbed up the summit, looks the distant mountain scenery water color, with that grand reservoir...