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  1. danger pay

    • n.
      extra payment for working under dangerous conditions.
    • noun: danger money

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    • 英文的單字造句

      ...paid for the car. 我已經把這車款付清了 當名詞時 I get my pay every Friday. 我每星期五領薪水 2.protect(保護) 當及物動詞用 I will protect you from danger. 我將保護你不受危險

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      ... were hard workers and honest people who paid their own way and never asked others..., their marriage was never in danger because there were no major issues about ...

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      ...swing radian not should big. Slide Use rule and pay attention to item One. Children at slide's doorway...under from slide's export climb climb but on, for fear result in danger. 3. single chute only application each time a people slip, can not...