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  1. dangerous condition

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    • 中翻英!誤用YAHOO謝謝各位大大20點喔!

      ... our Earth is being at one extremely unstable and the dangerous condition, this is precisely why does the wheat field design increase day after day, and...

    • keep calm

      1. 答案:(A) calm 也可以做形容詞。這裡的 keep 當連綴動詞使用,所以 calm 在這裡是當形容詞。 *連綴動詞:動詞的一種。後面可接形容詞〈S + 連綴動詞 + Adj〉,用來表述主詞的特徵或狀態。部份的連綴動詞可以加 like + N 〈S + 連綴動詞 + like...

    • 請問有人可以幫我檢查這樣寫可以嗎?

      ... in underworld. Unfortunately, people have to live under such dangerous conditions. Besides, there are lots of movies or TV ...