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    • The typr of irony

      ... irony occurs when a writer uses God, destiny, or fate to dash the hopes and expectations of a character or of humankind in general. In cosmic...

    • 很急阿!!!英文的短篇故事!

      ...good Heavens, what a pity! The beautiful moon has dropped into the well!" so he dashed home for a hook, and tied it with the rope.... 以上這些故事都具有隱喻性質,適合您延伸到隱喻的層次...

    • 有沒有3分30秒-4分30秒的英文故事??

      ...expensive. Luke had almost given up hope, when an advertisement popped up on the screen...the box up to his room, before his mother dashed past on her way out. “I want that room...