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    • against英文文法

      這一題的意思是 不想和她交手的教練們對校區施加壓力後的第二天 她被移除了 She was removed a day later after coaches who didn't want to coach against her   pressured the school district. 

    • 英文不會捏...請幫幫我...謝謝...

      ... to ___be___ a super basketball player, like Yao Ming, some day. His coach tells him he has __to___ practice very hard. Now, every...

    • 請問這笑話的笑點?Little Johnny Jokes

      你應該是打錯了最後一行:Then Johnny said, "I know, but goalposts can not jump!" 因為球門柱goalposts不會跳,跳躍高度=0,所以任何人隨便一跳都可以jump higher than the goalposts,這應該明白了吧。