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    day high price

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    • 英作文My favorite part of the day

      ... my "favorite part of the day", understand that there are other... his Senior year of High School...gas prices, electric prices, food prices...

    • 管理經濟幫忙翻譯~不太懂

      ...s advertised price within 30 days after purchase,we'll double the difference...what economists call a low-price guarantee(LPG). 這樣的廣告是... permit firms to charge higher prices because the ...

    • 誰可以幫我英翻中!!關於國外買家的問題

      你好~^^ 首先我先逐一翻譯他的回答吧!! good day to you 你好 sorry to receive your letter so late 不好意思這麼晚才收到你的信 the price i can spent is not to high 我能出的價 不會很高 so i don'twant to give you a price to hurrt each other...