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    day low price

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    • 英文句子文法?

      fun-loving 和 low-priced 是以分詞的形式作為形容詞 ing 有主動的意味, fun-loving 愛玩的 ed 有被動的意味, low-priced 被標低價的

    • 各位大大 請幫我英翻中 我不會翻

      A very special day in out school is coming. 對我們學校來說非常特別的...enjoy beautiful music at a coffee stand or tast delicious snacks at a low price 你能夠在小咖啡攤裡享受美妙的音樂或者以低價品嚐美味的點心...

    • sold ”by” the last day

      ..., This goods can not be sold out before the deadline day, so we descide to low down our price by 50% from original one.