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    day by day
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    • 每天的
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    • "一天一天"的英文

      day by day 是 正確用法。英文沒有 by the day 的片語。 一天一天的感到麻木 I get numb day by day. 強調在進行中 I am getting numb day by day. 參考...

    • second after second 的意思是什麼?

      second after second and day by day 就是「分分秒秒, 日復一日」之意, 藉以描述一種持續而難熬的心境. day. You play the game or you walk away, it's a new turn on a blue day... 試譯如下: ....分分秒秒、日復一日的, 你可能輕易的把一生都賠了進去. 要...

    • 請問一天一點的英文

      little by little (bit by bit), day by day or little by little (bit by bit), one day at a time 例: We worked...一點地進行計畫。 The river erodes the rocks bit by bit, day by day. 河流一天一點地侵蝕石頭。 2009-04-24 21:55:26 補充: 這也可以用於您...