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    • 英文俚語翻譯及例句

      ...相對於電子的版本。 例句 The dead tree version of my book is...grass cutter? dad: do you mean a lawnmower? 3.dem man a argue bout who is the...外國人在Twitter上的對話。 rose-colored glasses (玫瑰色...

    • 請幫我把英文俚語翻成中文並附上例句 謝謝~~

      ... for years to take off the rose-colored glasses and join him in the real world. 3. barking up the wrong tree 指...would take anything from us. 4. dead tree dead tree version edition 指「紙張...

    • 英文俗語的中文意義

      1. take time to smell the roses :用時問去放鬆自己 2. rose-colored glasses :美好 3. bark up the wrong tree : 認錯 / 弄錯 / 看錯目標 4. dead tree :枯死株 5. grass cutter :割草機 希望可以幫到你! 參考資料:1995...