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    a dead stop

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    • What is dead center?

      ...17:42:28 補充: dead有強調後面那個名詞的意思,如 dead silence= complete silence dead stop= it stopped completely dead loss= completely useless or a completely failure in a dead...

    • 英文作文--車子拋錨(超超重要!!20點)

      lose in the middle of nowhere our old car rattled to a dead stop in the middle of nowhere. We sat for a moment to think about what we should do next. then... our car broke down

    • 關於英文的片語小問題

      ...得到的結論是他們犯了一個不可饒恕的錯誤。 The car came to a dead stop. 汽車驀地剎住。 The water came to my waist. 水已達我的...