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    • deadly的比校級
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    • 幫幫我 各造3句句子

      1. deadlyFog is the sailor's deadly enemy. 霧是航海者最致命的敵人。She is a deadly shot with the bow. 她射箭奇准They gave the film a deadly review. 他們對這部影片給予毀滅性的評論2. powerfulThe headmaster is...

    • Which用法((急

      ... which are used for makeup were deadly to our body. 有些「被」用來做成化粧品的化學物... were used for makeup, and they were deadly to our body. (過去式:發生在過去某時間點;而現在...

    • 英文paraphrase 的問題

      ...on the way to the moon, astronauts are far more exposed to deadly cosmic energy since they are not under the protection of the Earth's...