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      賣某物; 經營某物 My bank deals in stocks and shares now. 我們銀行現在經營債券與股票。 We deal in hardware but not software. 我們只經營硬件而不經營軟件。
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    • 我想請問 deal 的意思?

      ...turn to deal. 該他發牌。 2.經營;交易[(+in/with)] This store deals in silk. 這家店經營絲綢。 3.論及;討論[(+with/in)] 4.處理,對付;對待[(+with...

    • 我需要3句商用英文造句

      He deals in second-hand cars. I'm not sure how to deal with the situation at work. The company has set up a new branch in Tainan.

    • 7 Aces in one deal

      玩撲克牌時,洗牌發牌,這是一個deal ace就是馬上得分 雖然這裡看不出是玩什麼遊戲,一般來說是black jack 7 Aces in one deal就是,在一副牌中(中間不重新洗牌),連續贏七次,有可能是牌技高超,也有可能是運氣奇佳